Sandy Shore Motel

by Dom McLennon

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The second official mixtape from Dom McLennon, Sandy Shore Motel. An introspective reflection of life since the release of LIVN, Dom McLennon shows a side of lyricism and wit as he shows he can focus to create a cohesive project with a universal sound.


released September 18, 2012

All tracks except for "Recess" and "Patriot" were recorded, engineered and mastered at 86F. Thank you to everybody who helped contribute tothis tape, the entire ASF collective, HK for the cover, MagicNarcosis, JBJR, Trumaine, ROME, Kiko, Dream Koama, Robert Ontenient & NOLA Beats on production, The Wyld, Details and AceAlexander for their vocals, you're all appreciated for your contributions.

I'd also like to thank all my friends who were involved in this project, directly or indirectly. This past summer has completely changed my life, and you all hard a part in making me a better person these past couple of months. Home is where the heart is and I'm happy that my heart resides with some good souls.
Miss you Viet.



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Dom McLennon Hartford

Connecticut born, California bound. Manifesting destiny

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Track Name: Green Thrills (Produced By MagicNarcosis)
(Verse 1)Explain
Heart was broken, scars showin
Potential foreign to myself, chances I was blowing
Into the wind, until it blew back
And the breeze from the summertime kinda kept me in tact
So... Take a trip inside of my mind
Find the origin to these lines, and everything I've devised
And see why this is critical to what works with my mental
Matter of fact, take this visual from me I'll make it simple
I'm staring at the world and see 11 oceans
Feeling like Leo DiCaprio I think I need a totem
Cause I think I'm been dreaming, but every time there's
A good thing that's bound to happen things turn to nightmare
But it's cool, I weigh my options a bit
Notice the positives outweigh the negatives and just sit
Back, and inhale deep, cause shit's crazy
But that's just how it's been for me living with life lately


(Verse 2)
How I've been managing lately is kinda hard to say
Feel like I'm on the same shit as Matthew McConaughey
Staring into the world as if I was recently born today

Trying to capture thoughts every now and then but they've gone astray

But I don't stress it, it wasn't meant to be
That same mentality's brought me a life with no enemies
Truth be told, people living through drama can be clowns
Always fishing for some problems, I keep em in their anemones
Not to be rude, it's just an observation
A good life is a preferred topic of conversation
Times changin, and now my newest fixation
Is having no destination and hopping off at a station
And just seeing where it takes me, cause what I've realized
Is we're all on the same train, I'm in it for the ride
And I'm not here to decide where everything's gonna take me
But I'm chillin, adapting to living my life lately


(Verse 3)
As I stare out the window and watch all this paper peeling
From the blunt lit in my hands and I get in touch with my feelings
I'm feeling kind of conlicted cause lately I stoped concealing
And expressing, just confessing the truth and it's been revealing
The craziest things in life, unsure if things'll be right
But I'm at the edge of vesuvius ready to blow tonight
And just freeze everything, look at all of the casts
Created by all the ash and build a conclusion that
Would just, go off of what I see, not sure what to believe
Cause I know what I want and I also know what I need
And I see all of the greed from the snakes inside the green
With everything up and down I'm not sure to smile or scream
The hardest thing to keep now is a good heart
But remember that you had one from the start
And to finish with? Maybe, I know this shit is crazy
But it's me, Dom M.C, and this is my life lately

Track Name: Summer Madness Featuring AceAlexander (Produced By JBJR)
(Verse 1 - Dom McLennon)
Wind kissing my skin, it's feeling heavenly
Brain and heat waves in sync, must be telepathy
Top down, we be rollin like we the Kennedys
Plotting presidentially to have the same legacy
Heavily taught from the decade after the seventies
Though elementary's where I learned to check out a melody
Everyone's telling me avoid these rap felonies
Touching the wrong classic could have you cast into leprosy
But, Ill just touch whatever's matching the clemency
I think I've credibly passed all the stages of pleasantries
I'm just doing whatever I see's appropriate
Planting seeds in your head, but only the potent opiates
Bob Rossin' it, on my painter and poet shit
Intricate with the details down to closest bit
You wouldn't get it if you didn't have the same sentiment
One of those you had to be there moments when I had written it

(Verse 2 - AceAlexander)
I'm relaxin, name your passion
You got that sour diesel? I'm matchin'
Chilling with a half black anglo-saxan
She said the car clean, I threw the wax in
Just rolled up a fatty
Summer time, fuck a hair cut
I'm finna grow out a patty
30 racks in my fridge
yeah its miller time
smoke a zip sip a fifth just to kill the time
time flies when youre high
you know i kid and play
5 a cup and i didnt pay
you got that loud light it up lets live it up
catch me on the 91 cruisin
while you chasin hoes, im just choosin
real slow, aint tryna get a ticket
smokin spillfs with the yardies dominoes and cricket
my old chick wanna kick it
4 keg house party? Nah I can't miss it.
Track Name: Hi Featuring Matt Villz (Produced By Trumaine)
(Verse 1 - Dom McLennon)
This is where my heart resides
Sitting by the riverfront until I watch the sunrise
Skin sun-dried, I guess that I've been catching up
Time flies when opportunity's passing us
Pass it up or sieze the day, you might lose it
Learned from Mr Keating to be wise instead of stupid
Then I learned to keep it simple, decided to stop running
A second chance is infrequent, this ain't good will hunting
But it's kinda stunning to see the sun to be
On one side and starry mornings inside the same scene
Feeling like I sneezed and this world is the reply
This is beauty in my eyes, I say hi
To this Brave New World, they used to call me the savage
Cause they never understood what I did as well as my habits
But, I'm just avid for the good times, good vibes
Wide eyed scribe, writing down what's in his mExplainind

(Hook - Matt Villz)
Baby for right, now
You'll always have my love, my love, my love
Tryin' to get you off my brain
Every time I take a sip or roll one up
You can always have my love, my love, my love
I know you don't understand
But this is what I'm made, of

(Verse 2 - Dom McLennon)
This is where my heart resides
Though it extends beyond the reaches of these city lines
Sipping wine, nothing's ever perfect but I'm living fine
Water-born moonchild, flowing like the tides
In this human race I'm chilling at the starting line
No rush, just ready to blow up
I took out Hope and Penelope and while we poked at schemes
Saw the innocence in them fading in front of me see...
Once I got a few drinks in their system
They started letting go of their repressed inhibitions
And, I wasn't sure of my motives or my intentions
But by the end of the night, I knew I'd see their decision on
If I'd take em home, they don't wanna be alone
So we gave the tri a try and exchanged some chromosomes
And what do you know, eventually they would mold
Themselves around me as I watched them give birth to my goals
Track Name: Recess (Produced By ROME & Dom McLennon)
[Verse 1]
I think the final thing I wanna be is stressful
Summer came along and gave me a chance to rescue
All of my sanity so, pardon the vanity
But when I saw the sun I think it restored my humanity
Feelin like Track 7 on the predator
Disregarding the snakes and all the competitors
Taking in gifts from mother nature the confectioner
Cause all I see is good news how could I kill the messenger?
Positivity sent from the pigeons to the planes
People say life's a game, I beg to differ, I say that
Life is sweet, never gives me a cavity
I'm floating on the clouds, but still retaining my gravityExplain
Been through a lot of tragedy, suffered a lot of casualties
Life has been getting crazy but when we step in reality
And see, everything that glitters is never gold
But a sunset will always glisten when summer shows

[Verse 2]
Til this year, I wasn't fond of the summer
Always was filled with bummers but lately every sun up's
Been riddled with positivity, honestly it just riddles me
Everything just happens to finally go so swimmingly
Cause literally, I had the worst of winters
My fall was so bitter but lately I'm much chiller
I think, it's gotta due with the sun that I've witnessed
All the sorrows in my life became what I good riddanced
Hope you witness, rain used to inspire me man
Ready to headline done with waiting for things man
Flying past what's predicted from just my wingspan
They say life's a bitch I guess I'm the wingman
Here to ball, you still tryin to find your swingman
Disregarding any drama life brings man
Prime time, ready for any action
Main event, surpassed all the coming attractions

So break night and put a lighter up
For everybody who isn't privileged to live like us
Stop with the stressin, posivtivitys the weapon
That'll beat anyone threatining to stop us for a second
So once again, lighter's for another day
Life can tend to be a beach, leave your problems at the bay
Cause, these other seasons were a combination
For the summer be the fruits of your dedication
Track Name: Dom Speaks (Produced By Kiko Merley)
I'm a walking paradoxical
Chronicle of 1992, living methodical
Thinker who thinks that modern logic is so illogical
Believing that removing emotions only is comical
I've got a fondness for living tropical
Reading some periodicals with a tint on my opticals
While chiefing on the beach, feeling so astronomical
Taking in what would make a prosperous life probable
A smart man can identify any obstacle
A wise one removes the non-factors 'til it's solvable
Life is a thinking man's game
Cast switched, script same, plot subject to change
Dang... Can't stand the heat step away from my brain
Dom McLennon, known to turn a dame to a plain jane
That's just how my mom's raised, royalty is a title
You can't strip away a soul en route to being an idol
Track Name: Like. (Produced By Dream Koala)
Just so you know, I never usually do this
Lately my life's consumed with just finding myself and music
And, maybe I'm stupid but hear me out fully through this
Cause mentally I think you've assisted me in finding cupid
On my come up, never do I get hung up
Infatuated with these ideas through out the summer
But maybe, coincidentally you chose to surface
In my life at this particular moment to show you're worth it so
I was wondering if we could ride some bikes together
Sit inside and watch movies whenever it's shitty weather
Count stars on the dock and hopefully count some sheep
Then give you the nickname Belle for your beauty when you sleep
We might have met recently, and yeah I'm slightly kiddin
To be honest I don't care if the feelings are unrequited
It's The, end of the summer and starting something so rash
Isn't needed maybe you can choose cause I'm just asking for
Just someone to roll my bud, hear my jokes and maybe laugh
Do experimental shit like fail at making hash
Play some xbox, it doesn't matter if you're bad
And my room might be a mess, if you don't care though you can crash
And hit this bowl until it's cashed, I really dont mind
I told you I'm a rapper I'll get more in no time
I just hope you're not offended when I say you're looking fine
And maybe when the leaves fall you'll decide if you'll be mine
If not though thats fine, I really like the feeling
Of bumpin to some clasick while were staring at the ceiling
And I had a couple mishaps with love but I've been healing
Kinda dealing with the thought that like, like, like could be appealing
I've been feeling it's a fact, mind going back to back
Contemplating if I should get you to help me on some tracks
Cause, I think that we'd make some beautiful music
We can find a guitar, chill and do some acoustic
Track Name: I Wanna Go (Produced By ROME)
(Verse 1)
She said her favorite color is the sunrise
And I said we should sit below the heavens watching blu skies
No need for covers, no need for others
We're enjoying the vibes from the sun and one another
I once heard Virginia was for the lovers
But as of lately I'm feel like it's just the summer
In my face, no longer misplaced, trying to get a taste
Of the breeze once more before the seasons switch pace
Kinda strange, I never was a fan
Of hot days til I started growing as a man
Originally I planned, to live for dark days
But the vibes from the skies encouraged me to part ways
With my past, I haven't had a better time than now
Free spirit, young king, never needed a crown
And I'm down for my people, lately they're down back
So plans of stopping are lax until I'm holding a plaque

(Verse 2)
So let me get back up in it
Anti-Cynic , silencing all the doubting critics
Many who hated now imitate me I'm breaking
A mold and now creating something so amazing
I can call my own, coming straight from my home
Prince of my city grown to a level to hold the throne
And living with room to grow, I feel I'm never alone
Plans to have an estate where the last supper's a clone
Of how I'm livin, told Regis that it's a final decision
Dreams of care free life every day chillin
Bound to leave a legacy, disregarded a million
Cause the money doesn't matter when the world starts to listen
So, what will I say, given I get the moment
With the mic in my hand while I stare into an ocean
Of people who walk the same, take a moment to play
Everything out in my brain before I step on the stage, wait

(Verse 3)
If you misunderstand me you'd think I'm stepping out of reality
And as of lately I've struggled with my morality
The world we live is difficult for neutrality
But I've been learning towards the brighter side of duality
Of me, I wanna be, something a little strange
When I was younger most people forgot my name
And it was something that always racked at my brain
Cause, I almost felt that theres was nothing of mine I could claim
But now I feel like the world and I are one
Great vibes, having fun while staring up at the sun
Reminisce on when I contemplated my chances were done
Kinda glad I gave it one last run, I'm having fun
Past pressure was weighing me down a ton
But I learned that pressure creates diamonds
They say that life's not a game but I think I won
Because this climate created something timeless
Track Name: Patriot (Produced By ROME & Robert Ontenient)
(Verse 1)
Flag waving in the distance
Vibes of good friends lingering in my existence
Look out to my past and I'm saying good riddance
While I'm on the same plane as the new astral visions
Living in a space where there's isn't any anguish
Just anxious to have success become my next language
Sitting in a cosmic palace
Stuck inside of wonderland I'm looking out for an Alice
How wonderful
The beauty of a breed
Of a woman in a sundress who rolls some good weed, but
Let me try and not stray from the topic
To be honest when I look out to their pier I get astonished
Exploring through these ruins, but though the surfaces are polished
Stuck in between a world where clouds are liquid but I'm solid
Am I tripping? I just think that I've been wishing
For a vision and I'm finally living out my existence

I told the patriarchs I wanna be a patriot/
I broke the gradient they said my traits are salient/
Destined to reach the consciousness of gods/
I used to fear god, but it changed the day I became athiest/

(Verse 2)
How does a man with no god pledge allegiance?
He does things to make his own peers say jesus
Step where no one would go, eye-to-eye with the regents
And say fuck everyone and everything that you believe in
That's what I scream until my death
Fornicating with insomnia until nothing is left
Giving breath, passing light, and energy to my life
You can't say you've seen pressure til they push you towards a knife
But, what will you do? Giving up is the cop out
Moving in slow motion, I've been ready to top out
Rolling with all the punches and going in for the knockout
Balling until I drop, & playing straight thru the lockout
A son of simba asked me what I should be proud about
I told him all my good friends who aren't droppin out
He asked why and I said their perseverance
Is the reason why I'm making everything that you are hearin'


I pledge alleigance, to all my people
The ones in my life who make me feel like I'm an equal
In this ratrace, cause while other stumble on steeples
They had given me the seal, to fly like I was an eagle
It all started with some stars and stripes
Wrong and right, through the darkness, I was brought into the light
So this is for y'all, here I stand, one hand
On my heart, one man, a patriot of his fam
Track Name: The Fall Ft. The Wyld & Details (Produced By NOLA Beats)
Explain (Verse 1 - Dom McLennon)
I got a headache, this doesnt happen

Stressing so much lately I feel a strand away from snappin'

Searching for balance but recently it's been absent
People doing things in this world and can't justify their actions
I get saddened, it's been a long year
I love my hometown and though I have my heart here
Sometimes I think I gotta find a new route
Cause everytime I lose a friend it's like a part gets scooped out
It's just a fact of life, or so they say
If others acted right these problems would go away
I heard that negative energy comes along just to strengthen me/
But lately I've been feeling life is more of a sentencing/
Instead of just a privilege, I try to see the image/
Set out for me but this headache's giving me blurred vision/
But I'mma find a way, live to fight another day/
Cause the darkness only makes me appreciate brighter days/

(Hook - The Wyld)
When I fall
I will call out your name
In the dark
I can hide from my shame
When I fall, fall, fall
I can feel the drops of rain
I'm falling again

(Verse 2 - Details)
I'mma make it
For the hopeless
Tie some ropes
Around these old wrists
Kissed by the light of the moment
Heaven's gate is what I opened
Dad is who I smoked with
Brett is who I joked with
Kickin' it back in the clouds
Ma's cell block will be broken

Two-thousand and twelve
Is the end of the world
I'mma live it up
Me n my boy Dom
Are in the cut
Never giving up
Our life's incredible
Rise is inevitable
Improbable to
Be considered a
Liar; hypothetical

I carry stress, too
Cause I'm human
Let's be honest
No one around me
Sees everything I'm doing
And my friends would say chill
But my life's about the thrill
Of giving back into a family
Caught up inside of the bills

Put the envelope down
I'm raining hell inside of my stormy clouds
Right now
No mouth to feed
But the friend that decides to stick around
I'm proud of how
Far we've come and much we've grown
In this old house
In this town
So I'mma carry you on my back
And never let you down

Never gonna cease to learn to amaze
While I put every one of my enemies in a daze
Graze like cattle on grass; blaze
Ask the people; they want me to pave
My way

Our times in sight
So tonight no fight
From the floor I rise
To walk
And laugh
About the times
I was looking for a
Better day
Track Name: anothersunrise
(Verse 1 - Dom McLennon)
430, trying to get rest
Taking a couple hits to relieve a bit of the stress
All the anxiety coming from the society
I reside in has caused me to sacrifice my sobriety
But I'm livin, who am I kiddin
Depression used to have me sadistic and angst ridden
But I'm better now, I'm feeling better now
Finding new mental soil, breaking better ground
An hour past and yet I can't find sleep
Guess its reminiscent of how I've been trying to find peace
And, it's been a peice since if really felt low
Cause the journey to unlocking my mind's a positive road
You think I was a fiend for enlightenment
In all reality I'm waiting for when light hits
My window pane, I'm sitting in the frame
Picturing what I will say, during

(Hook - Gil Scott Heron)
And when the morning comes
If there's been no rest for you
We've been friends long enough
You should know what to do

(Verse 2 - Dom McLennon)
My mind races when other people are sleeping
About the promises everyone isn't keeping
But I learned to be alone
Through the night before the light I try to get into my zone
But the days call, I wanna be a poet
And have my soul glow the way the sun does; potent
Now I'm sitting stoic, tryna meditate
Better than whatever the sheets in my bed would make
I start to envision a new world
Where reality and astral projections are just a swirl
And I'm hurled to a place, a whole new space
Where I create reality but everything is fake
I start to open up my eyelids
On this flight of life I'm now feeling like I'm the pilot
With a route to the heavens, my journey has only begun
Taking every red-eye just so I can see another sunrise

(Hook & Outro - Gil Scott Heron)
And in the afternoon
If things are still the same
Come and join me on my cloud

Now you must wonder in the evening
How everything got so turned around? (Repeated x2)
Track Name: Free (Produced By Dom McLennon)
(Verse 1)
Day dreaming of the days we were in a daze during all those day trips
Free from everything only us, destinations and rolling pavement
Everything was painless, left the drama and the stress at home
And now I'm just hoping that it all never changes when the days gets cold
Hoping that this never gets old, been through my growing pains
And this summer haze has everything moving in simpler waves
I'm back to my simple ways, vividly aware but still blissful
Past problems I look at now, and I question why they were an issue
But I'm glad I'm past that lifetime, watch the world and it feels like lifetime
Took a lifetime for this feeling, hoping I don't lose all of my lifelines
But my life's fine and I got no plans
Of going under feet on the sand
Walking towards infinity, world residing inside my hand
God damn what a feeling, saying welcome to a new state
But residing in the same place, and everything recently has changed pace
But, this is me, and this is how I see, I just let it be
In my eyes I finally could say, that I am living free


(Verse 2)
Still got a few questions, but I'm not in need of answers
Just staring up at the stars now, and looking back down at this amber
When the nights get longer and the air gets crisp
It's less of a change now and more of a switch
Days at the beach are bonfires at night
And I welcome it all cause it isn't a risk
To mind body and spirit
Cold days I used to fear it
So scared of change at one time
Didn't want any parts and I wouldn't go near it
But I welcome the new appearance, had to learn that on my own
Accepting surpasses escaping ourselves, I finally feel like I'm starting to grow
And my craft is in tow with flow, I'm never concerned about when I'll plateau
It's not about being the best anymore but creating a new artistic status quo
I'm hoping one day that my aura will glow, and hoping the rest of the world will see
What it really feels like to let go of your past and finally, live free