by Dom McLennon

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    First Track from the EP tentatively scheduled for May 5th, releasing before Dom McLennon's solo debut as an artist, 1992.

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released April 1, 2011



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Dom McLennon Hartford

Connecticut born, California bound. Manifesting destiny

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Track Name: Down.
(Verse 1)
Down for my people, but are they down for me?
I look at my surroundings and what I am bound to be
I’m treated like revolving doors from what your eyes can see
These people waltzing in and out my life it’s sad to me…
It’s like a tragedy, am I a travesty?
Sometimes I feel pathetic like I’m just a comedy.
Cause I laugh at myself when I look at my dispositions
When the people that I think are close exclude me in decisions
The simple things are hardest it’s a fact
It’s hard to lay to rest but I can lay a couple tracks
And I can write a paper that will analyze a hook
But I can’t judge a cover cause my life is more than looks

(Verse 2)
We feed off our emotions; some of us tend to starve
Memory lane has potholes and it’s share of battle scars
One day your plans and goals were concrete, but now it’s hard
And it’s not long til’ your broken dreams become a boulevard
You’re walking down the street and see a picture
Of you and a past lover and realize how much you miss 'em
The only thing we could wish for would be fucking closure
But nothing goes as planned when things seem to be truly over
Break up the bonds and make a bridge from all the pieces,
I hope it's been traversed before you set it all ablaze
We live and learn from life although we question all the reasons
But all that we can do in our story is turn the page.

(Verse 3)
Down and out, but my last name ain’t Mescudi
I’m loathed by a couple, but some other people love me
So under the radar most think that they are just above me
But the totem pole shows strength from the bottom up, you must see
I have a vision, I know I can achieve it
But I don’t know what waits for me when I finally reach it
And all these revelations that I have of people preaching
The real and fake are usually the ones guilty of cheating
Cutting all the corners, confusing noise and sound
Because if you can’t recognize real? then look around
And I know that one day I’ll be the king and hold a crown
But if I have no royal court the empire’s falling down.